Touch ID Not Working on iPhone, How Comes?

--Monday, Feb.13, 2017

"I was locked out of my iPhone 7! I cannot even access my own iPhone! Thanks to Touch ID, I now don't even recall the password I once set up."

Don't you think this scenario seems similar? Reportedly, over 60% mobile users have experienced such a situation due to Touch ID problem. Touch ID is a fingerprint recognition feature currently available on iPhones since iPhone 5S. Due to its security and effectiveness, it's been widely applied on the App Store, Apple Pay and so on.

Touch ID allows users to unlock Apple devices, but some are locked out for a period of time while others have to seek professional help. As a matter of facts, Touch ID problem is solvable and preventable. Here you might scroll down and learn some solutions for the problem as well as tricks for prevention.

Part 1: Situations that Touch ID Might Stop Working

Touch ID tends to be acting up on conditions listed below, which one suits your situation?

1. The whether is too cold with freezing wind.

2. In a moisture place like coast or next to waterfall.

3. It's raining or the rain is over before long.

4. The screen of your iPhone gets dirty and unclean.

5. You finger is damaged.

6. Somehow Touch ID stops working.

7. ...

When Touch ID Fails

Part 2: Ways to Fix Touch ID Problem

1. Clean the Touch ID sensor. If Touch ID fails, the first idea to try is to wipe and clean the "Home" button. Sometimes, there are some unperceivable dirt, sweat or fabrics sticking on it, making Touch ID acting up. However, don't direct use water to wash them away. It might get worse. Using a fabric or paper will do.

2. Toggle on and off Touch ID. If your Touch ID fails quite frequently, try this way. Please go to "Settings" > "Touch ID & Passcode" > Enter Passcode > disable "iPhone Unlock" and then turn it on.

3. Retrain Fingerprint. It's also worth trying to record your fingerprint once more. Please go to "Touch ID & Passcode" screen and tap "Add a Fingerprint". Then, follow the instructions to lift and rest your finger on the "Home" button repeatedly. Don't forget to make an overall retrain. When it completes, please delete the previous fingerprint.

4. Sometimes the Touch ID fails for the reason that the place you're using the iDevice is too damp and wet. If it's raining and you're trying to unlock iPhone with your finger, it tends to fail most of the time. In this case, you'd better use it later or make sure that both the device and the finger is dry and clean.

5. Another case is that the Touch ID sensor is broken. Even if a little damage would result in failure to unlock the handset. If none of the solutions above can get you out of trouble, check whether the "Home" button is damaged. If so, you have to get it repaired.

Methods to Fix Touch ID Problems

Part 3: Tips to Prevent from Touch ID Problem

Apart from workarounds to solve Touch ID problem, here are some tips & tricks for you to avoid getting in such a headache. Please check it out.

1.In winter with freezing wind and heavy snow, it's recommended to put on a pair of touch glove, not only for keeping warm but also for being convenient to use iPhone.

2. Keep your iPhone clean. You should form a habit of cleaning your iPhone. Better yet, apply a screen protector for keeping it tidy and avoiding damages.

3.One finger for one fingerprint. In case that the finger with which you're used to unlock damages or is unable to be recognized, you should make several fingerprint with other fingers.

4.Keep the password in mind. Nowadays, people get so used to Touch ID that they barely remember the password they used to utilize. No matter what makes the Touch ID unavailable, you have to remember the password by heart.

Tips to Advoid Touch ID Problems

If you have any good idea to fix or avoid Touch ID problem, you're warmly welcome to share with us in the comment column. However, if you're looking for other iPhone problems, find your answers on iFoneTips.

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