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--Tuesday, Feb.07, 2017

Wouldn't it be a terrible nightmare when our iPhone/iPad is dying and unable to juice up? Most people now cannot stand being without their phone around for an hour when they got nothing to do. Due to the advent and popularity of mobile phones, nowadays it's hard to imagine a life without handsets. Typically, some people tend to get anxious without phones. Do you suffer from 'low battery anxiety'? Reportedly, 90% of us panic about losing power on our phones.

However, it can be worse when a dying/dead phone is not charging. Before you slam the door and fly to Apple Store for help, why not take a few minutes to check out the troubleshootings here.

Method 1: Restart Your iPhone or iPad

The best beg is to turn off and then turn on your iOS device. For a soft reboot, you can hold down the "Wake/Sleep" button for seconds and toggle the "slide to power off" bar. For a hard reboot, press down "Home" and "Wake/Sleep" buttons until the screen turns black. Then, power it on after a minute.

Method 2: Change to Another Outlet or Port

Most possibly, people though the problem is caused by a power adapter or USB cable, but it ends up being the outlet/port to be blame. If you plug the adapter in the wall and  iPhone is not charging, please unplug it and connect to other outlets. If iPhone is connected to a PC or laptop, please switch to other 2.0 ports or 3.0 ports. Usually, iDevice might not work at one port/outlet but another.

Method 3: Switch to Other Cables

As being used frequently day and night, USB cables are easy to wear out or damage. If you're not sure whether the cable is the culprit, you might get a new USB cable to try charging again. If iPhone/iPad won't be charging with the original USB cable, perhaps it's time to get a new cable.

Method 4: Try Using Another Power Adapter

Apart from the factor of USB cable, a damaged power adapter might also be the troublemaker. Normally, the adapter can be used longer than a USB cable. You might need to use another adapter instead. Also, if iPhone is charging with an iPad adapter, it can be fully juiced up within much shorter time.

Method 5: Restore iPhone/iPad via iTunes

This solution is supposed to apply when you got nothing to try. Please make sure that you've done a full backup for your iPhone/iPad. Then, launch the latest version of iTunes on your Win/Mac and connect your iDevice to it. Click device icon to get in "Summary" page and click "Restore" button to begin restoring your iOS device. Generally, this would address most software problems.

Tips & Tricks: How to Keep Power Adapter Working Properly

1. Never charge your device when moisture is present, as this can cause fire, electric shock, injury, or damage to your Apple product or other property.

2. Make sure you've fully inserted your AC wall adapter ("duckhead") or power cable into your AC adapter before connecting the AC adapter to a power outlet.

3. When you unplug a cable from your product, a power source, or an AC adapter, hold on to the connector at the end of the cable. Pulling on the cable itself can strain the connector joints or cause breakage.

4. If your AC adapter has blades or prongs that fold, be sure to fold them down for protection when you store the adapter.

5. Keep ports and connectors on your AC wall adapter and AC power cable free from foreign objects and debris.

6. Make sure your adapter is used in a well-ventilated area. If used in a poorly ventilated space like near a couch, under a blanket or on thick carpeting, the adapter might turn off to prevent overheating.

iPhone iPad Unable to Charge

I'm sure you will get your answer from this article. However, if you have other iPhone problems or iOS problems, you might check another guide as well.

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