Troubleshooting: Can't Send/Receive Emails on iDevice

--Friday, Feb.17, 2017

As a website owner, I receive and send a number of mails every day. I have to keep beating up my keyboard from sunrise to sunset. (Yes, you know I'm kidding.) However, one day before long, I found no emails lying in my inbox on my iPhone 7, which was totally abnormal. Smart as I am, I got this issue solved at the first time, but what I really concern about is that some people might be troubled by the same problem. Therefore, here I'm going to tell you how I fix "Email cannot be sent/received on iPhone/iPad".

Note: Things to Check before Trying Methods out

1. Make sure that Wi-Fi network is working if connected.

2. Make sure that you have enough mobile data to receive emails and you're in service area of your carrier.

3. Make sure that your email account is not blocked/suspended/banned.

4. Try re-sending those unsent emails in Drafts or keep refreshing inbox in Mail app.

5. Check whether the account information or settings is incorrect. If so, please get it right.

6. Ensure that your iDevice is up to date. The problem might possibly be addressed on the latest iOS if it's an unexpected bug.

Things to Check before Trying Methods out

Method 1: Remove Email Account and Set it up again

The first resort is to re-login your email account on your iPhone/iPad/iPod. It might be something wrong when data is updating to the service. It's worth doing so. By the way, it's easy and simple. Why not take it a try.

Please go to "Settings" > "Mail" > "Accounts" and tap on your account. Then, tap "Delete Account" > 'Delete from My iPhone". Now, re-add your account and see whether it's okay.

Remove Email Account and Set it up again

Method 2: Clear up Network Settings

Another workaround you can depend on is to reset network settings on iPhone. Network problem is responsible for most iPhone problems. If the router is working well, you might take it a shot. On iDevice, navigate to "Settings" > "General" > "Reset" > "Reset Network Settings".

Clear up Network Settings

Method 3: Get Problem Fixed with iTunes

If your iPhone/iPad/iPod has been updated to the latest version of iOS and you sill fails after the two methods. Now, let's get to the last bet. You might need to re-install iOS on your device through iTunes.

Make sure that iTunes is up to date. Then, launch it on Win/Mac and get your iDevice connected with it via USB cable. Now, click "device" button as to get in "Summary" page. On the right, please click "Restore iPhone..." and wait till the process completes.

Get Problem Fixed with iTunes

Hope it helps. However, if you still cannot send or receive any email, I'm afraid you have to contact your email provider or system administrator to see whether it's something wrong on their side. For other iOS Problems, please take a look at the right slider.

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