Problems and Fixes for iPhone 8/8 Plus/X

iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus has been unveiled on September 16, 2016. The iPhone 7's overall design resembles iPhone 7/7 Plus, but introduces a new color option - Jet Black. Moreover, there are new ......

iPhone Keeps Restarting: Here is Why and How

"I've been using my iPhone 7 for, just like two weeks, and now it's acting up. It gets restarting now and then and somehow stuck in reboot loop. I neither know why it's happening nor ......

Troubleshooting: Can't Send/Receive Emails on iDevice

As a website owner, I receive and send a number of mails every day. I have to keep beating up my keyboard from sunrise to sunset. (Yes, you know I'm kidding.) However, one day before long, I found......

How to Fix iMessage Error: ″Waiting for Activation″

"iMessage Activation: An error occurred during activation. Try again."iMessage is such a lovely feature in iOS devices. With the release of iOS 10, more funny features have been introduced. ......

Touch ID Not Working on iPhone, How Comes?

"I was locked out of my iPhone 7! I cannot even access my own iPhone! Thanks to Touch ID, I now don't even recall the password I once set up."Don't you think this scenario seems simi......

iPhone 7 Reboot Randomly? Here are the Workarounds

No one is perfect. That's true of a high-end mobile device like iPhone. Annoying problems related to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Charging and etc. are coupled with the great success of Apple Inc. Even the l......

Things to Do When iPhone Cannot Connect to Bluetooth

Bluetooth opens the gate of a new generation of "connectionless" devices which is the foundation for transformative wireless connectivity. Nowadays, mobile devices are able to connect to a B......

[Solutions] iPhone/iPad Not Charging

Wouldn't it be a terrible nightmare when our iPhone/iPad is dying and unable to juice up? Most people now cannot stand being without their phone around for an hour when they got nothing to do. Due......

[Fix] My iPhone Cannot Connect to Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi is definitely one of the greatest inventions in such a mobile-flooded world. If you're using a limited cellular data plan, it might be quite a headache when the mobile data is running out bu......

4 Solutions on Backup & Restore Whatsapp Data on iPhone

As a social messaging app enjoys worldwide popularity, WhatsApp is becoming a commodity somehow. People just cannot get used to being without it, and I am one of them. I've stored so many ......

How to Enter and Exit DFU Mode on iPhone/iPad

DFU Mode is short for Device Firmware Upgrade Mode, which allows iPhone/iPad to be restored from any state. Therefore, if you're confronting any systematic problems, DFU Mode is a great he......

How Can I Change the Phone Number of WhatsApp on iPhone

WhatsApp Messenger, known as WhatsApp, boasts over one billion users across over 180 countries, which enables users to stay in touch with friends and family, anytime and anywhere. Generally, w......

Things About Two-Factor Authentication for Your Apple ID

For most iOS users, Two-Step Verification is no more a new world. It has been offered on iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac for years, which will prompts you to enter a four-digit code under the followin......

Guide to Transfer Messages from iPhone to iPhone

Apple is dedicated to making it more enjoyable to send and receive messages. With the release of iOS 10, you might realize that "Messages" app on your iPhone is becoming increasingly similar......

Useful Steps to Jailbreak an iPhone

What is jailbreaking? In short, it means bypassing the locks, which is put by Apple on its iPhones and iPads. Therefore, users is able to have further access to lots of apps and tweaks that Ap......

Four Ways to Factory Reset iPhone 7/6/SE

The factory reset is always the last but most effective choice to solve a variety of mobile phone problems. Sometimes you may do so because of the reasons below.  1. iPhone is working so slow......


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