Effortlessly Export Media Files from iDevice to iTunes

The software functions as an expert media manager for mobile phones, which enables to seamless and completely export data from iOS devices to iTunes within clicks, including Music, Movies, TV Shows, Music Videos, Podcasts, iTunes U, Audiobooks, and Voice Memos. Therefore, those transferred media files will sync with iTunes, and you can view and savor them in iTunes later on.

Also, it's accessible to add, delete or edit files without a hitch. Double click a specific file allows users to quickly play/preview, delete or edit information. Those changes will be saved to the file.

Transfer Data Between iOS Device and PC/Mac with Ease

iPhone Transfer, as a powerful transfer tool, enables users to transfer various types of data from iOS devices to PC, Mac or iTunes within a few steps. Supported contents include Media files, Photos, Videos, Ebooks, Contacts and Messages. For more detail information, check out the table below.

Moreover, you are able to add favorite songs, videos, movies, TV shows from computer to your iOS device and keep them along with you. Better yet, this program will automatically convert files to the supported formats in order to wish you a great enjoyment.

Backup & Restore Data on iPhone, iPad and iPod with a Click

The software allows to back up a range of data on your iDevice by exporting them to computer as a copy in an easy and safe way. One-click backup and transfer is available for Media files, Contacts, Photos, SMS, Books and Playlist. It is as easy as "To Folder" > "Select Folder" > "Start".

Also, it supports to restore Contacts in one-click. You can otherwise restore other saved files by heading to the previous position and importing them back to your handset. Then,  you have them back in hand.

Safely and Quickly Transfer Data from iDevice to iDevice

Got a new iPhone/iPad/iPod? Never be bothered by burdensome work of moving considerable size of data from an old iDevice to a new iDevice. Whatever reasons you got, iPhone Transfer sets you free from troubles.

iDevice to iDevice transfer can be easily done via the program with various types of data supported. The process is perfectly safe and lossless. Contents that are exported will remain intact on another iOS device. All it takes is to connect both iOS device to the software and select files to export to the target device.

Devices and Data that iOS Transfer Works for

Supported iOS Devices
iPhone 7/7 Plus | iPhone SE | iPhone 6s/6s Plus | iPhone 6/6 Plus | iPhone 5s/5c/5 | iPhone 4s/4 | iPhone 3GS
All models of iPad Pro/iPad Air/iPad mini/iPad, except iPad 1
iPod touch 4/5/6 | iPod nano | iPod shuffle | iPod classic

Export to PC/MacExport to iTunesAdd to iDeviceiDevice to iDevice
TV Shows
Music Videos
iTunes U
Voice Memos×
Camera Roll×
iTunes Photo Library×
New Albums×

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