Transfer WhatsApp History Between iOS/Android Device

The software provides a direct method to completely transfer WhatsApp data from iDevice to iOS/Android device without any limitations. Don't ever be afraid of losing all the WhatsApp chat history after switching to a brand new phone.

Now, iDevice to iDevice transfer is no more exlusive, for devices running either iOS or Android are supported to transfer WhatsApp data to each other. Text Messages, Voice Messages, Photos, Videos and Call History remain intact after being transferred. Your previous memories are safe with us.

Back up WhatsApp Data on iOS Device

The program is able to rescue WhatsApp users from data loss, which helps users make backups for WhatsApp history in no time. It only takes one click to finish so: Connect iOS device to the software and then hit the "Backup" button. Soon, a backup is done and saved to a specific position on your computer. It's accessible to preview the backup files either.

You can then restore those backups to iOS/Android device in the spare time. What is important to you means a lot to us. Let this software eliminate your worries of data loss.

Restore WhatsApp Backup to iOS/Android Device

Users are capable of restoring previous WhatsApp backup files to either iOS device or Android device without any restriction. That means you can still keep your WhatsApp chats along with your new handset whether is an iOS or an Android device.

Also, the software allows users to preview previous backups in detail as well as selectively export files to the computer. As a professional program well-designed to help users to get unforgettable moments back, the recovery process is totally safe and lossless.

Supported WhatsApp Data

Text Messages: All the messages, sent or received, can be backed up, retrieved or transferred with content and date intact.

Voice Messages: Tired of typing, voice plays a role in chatting. Now, audio files are retrievable without any damage.

Photos: Photos record the memorable moment in our life. All beautiful instants are not supposed to be lost, right?

Videos: Videos tend to keep precious times forever. What counts so much to you is what counts so much to us either.

Call History: Calls are supported to be restored with the Name, Number, Type, and Date safe and sound.

100% Security

Our software is free from any form of malware or virus. It is safe to install and perform.

30-Day Refund

We promise up to 30-day money back guarantee.

Rapid Service

Your satisfaction is our top priority. We provide you with really fast service.

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