How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to iPhone

--Tuesday, Jan.03, 2017

"I bought a new iPhone 7 Plus 2 days ago, but there are about 3000 photos stored on my previous iPhone 6s. I'm wondering whether there is a quick way to help me transfer photos to iPhone 7 Plus? Any idea will be appreciated."

- Asked on Apple Communities

Though Apple has unveiled iPhone 7/7 Plus for months, there is no reason to stop iPhone fans from upgrading to these two latest models. Thanks to the exploding Samsung Note 7, iPhone 7 models and the jet-black version of the iPhone 7 Plus already sold out in pre-orders. That's how hot two models are.

According to the Google search results, hottest questions being googled by new iPhone7 (7 Plus) owners are how to transfer Photos, Contacts and Messages from one iPhone to another. Whether you want to move picture to new iPhone or just want to share to another iPhone, there are four methods on your demand. Why not scroll down and gain a further knowledge? Let's dive in! 

Method 1: Transfer Pictures Between iPhone via iTunes and iCloud Backup

People might be confused about the first method. However, if you're updating to a new iPhone, this method must be the best bet for you. As is known to all, restoring data from a backup would wipe out current data. As long as you've not yet set up your iPhone 7/7 Plus, please give it a try on this method.

Make a Full Backup for the Old iPhone

iTunes: Connect iPhone to iTunes and go to "File" > "Devices" > "Back Up Now".

iCloud: On iPhone, navigate to "Settings" > "iCloud" > "Backup" > "Back Up Now".

Restore from an iTunes/iCloud Backup

Step 1. Power on another (new) iPhone. Then, press the "Home" button and follow the steps until you see the "App & Data" screen.

Step 2. Now choose "Restore from iTunes Backup" option or select "Restore from iCloud Backup".

Note that you should connect your new iPhone to the latest version of iTunes if choosing the iTunes way.

Step 3. Follow the instructions and wait until the process completes.

Note that if you've set up your new iPhone before, just connect it to iTunes and navigate to "File" > "Devices" > "Restore from backup", or try iPhone Data Recovery in order to keep data currently stored on new iPhone.

Backup and Restore iPhone

Method 2: An Easiest and Fastest Way to Share Photos Between iPhones

iPhone Transfer is a trustworthy software well-designed to transfer files from iPhone to other platforms, or vice versa. Whether you'd like to transfer a large number of photos or several images on iPhone, it's the most convenient and least time-consuming method you should give it a shot.

Step 1. Hook up to iPhone Transfer

Launch iPhone Transfer on your Win or Mac. (Didn't download? Give it a click.) Now, use the included USB cable to connect both of iPhones to the software. The information of two iPhones will be displayed on the interface in no time.

Note that it's important to stay connected to iPhone Transfer until the transfer process completes.

Hoop up to iPhone Transfer

Step 2. Choose and Export Selected Photos to another iPhone

Click "Photos" option on the left toolbar under the name of source device. It would take a while to load and show your photos on source iPhone. After that, you are allowed to preview and manager your photos. Then, click and highlight those desired ones and click "Export to" > "Name of Target Device". It takes time according to how much photos being transferred. Before long, you can check out your precious photos on another iPhone.

Transfer iPhone Photos to iPhone

Method 3: Export iPhone Pictures to another Through Photo Stream

What's Photo Stream? It is a feature that sync your photos up to date with those iDevices that log in the same Apple ID and enable "Photos Stream". Photo Stream keeps your most recent 1000 photos in the "My Photo Stream" album for 30 days.

Steps to Move Picture Between iPhone with Photo Stream

Step 1. At first, connect both iPhones to Wi-Fi network. (Unnecessary to be over the same network.)

Step 2. On target iPhone, go to "Settings" > "iCloud" and log in the same Apple ID.

Step 3. Tap "Photos" option and activate "My Photo Stream" on both iPhones.

Step 4. Launch "Photos" app on target iPhone and navigate to "My Photo Stream" album.

Step 5. Tap and choose those photos, then save to another album.

Note that photos in "My Photo Stream" album will be gone over 30 days.

Transfer iPhone Photos via Photo Stream

Method 4: Use AirDrop to Move Photos from one iPhone to Another

It's a good idea to try using AirDrop though it might be convenient in transferring a few pictures between iDevices. For a bunch of photos, iPhone Transfer is a preferable choice.

Step 1. Turn on AirDrop on iPhones

Launch "Control Center" panel by swiping up from the button. Then, tap "AirDrop". A pop-up will show up. Please choose either "Contacts Only" or "Everyone".

Note that Wi-Fi and Bluetooth will be automatically on when AirDrop is enabled.

Step 2. Choose to Migrate Photos via AirDrop

Open "Photos" app on source iPhone and select one image, and then tap "Share" button at corner. The target iPhone will be detected and show in the middle of the pop-up. Please choose the icon of another iPhone. After that, tap "Accept" on another iPhone and photos will be saved to the album.

Note that you can choose multiple photos by swiping left or right photos on the preview column.

Transfer iPhone Photos via AirDrop

Restoring from a backup is suitable for iPhones that have not yet set up. AirDrop is good for the transfer of several photos. Personally, I suggest you to try iPhone Transfer and Photo Stream. If you're having any lingering questions, please drop your comment below. I will be glad to help you out.

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