How to Import Movies from Computer to iPhone

--Wednesday, Feb.08, 2017

Watching movies is really a good way to enjoy a weekend. It's reported that up to 80% people choose to watch a film during their first dates. Ever if being alone, isn't it perfect to lie in sofa watching a great movie? However, it takes quite a lot mobile data to download a whole film to iPhone without Wi-Fi. Ever if your iPhone is connected to a Wi-Fi network, it might be stuck sometimes when the network is not good.

Therefore, it's a good idea to download desired movies on computer ahead of time and then transfer them to iPhone. Do you know how? If not, why not check out the methods below? Then, you can enjoy your movies on everywhere you want.

Method 1: Use iTunes to Move Films from Computer to iPhone

Certainly, you can directly download movies from iTunes to iPhone, but most films in iTunes Store are charged. Therefore, you might download a movie from another source, but you can indeed add movies to your iPhone with iTunes free of charge.

Step 1. Add Movies to iTunes Library

Before directly moving movies to iPhone, you have to add them to iTunes Library at first for the reason that videos can only be managed from iTunes Library to iOS devices. Please launch the latest version of iTunes and connect your iPhone to it. Then, navigate to "File" > "Add File to Library".

Note that the built-in Video Player of iOS devices only supports video files in MOV or M4V formats.

Add Movies to iTunes Library

Step 2. Sync Movies from iTunes to iPhone

Click "Device Icon" to enter "Summary" page. Next, select "Movies" on the left under "Settings" title. The movie that you just add to iTunes Library will be displayed on the right. Now, tick up the "Sync Movies" box and click "Sync". When the process completes, you can view it on the "Movies" app on your iPhone.

Sync Movies from iTunes to iPhone

Method 2: Try iPhone Transfer to Add Movies to iPhone with Ease

iPhone Transfer is a powerful transfer software exclusive to iOS devices, which allows users to directly add films to iPhone. Better yet, it can automatically convert your movies into iOS supported formats.

Step 1. Hook up iPhone to iPhone Transfer

Please feel free to download and install iPhone Transfer on Win/Mac. Then, connect your iPhone to the software. If connected, a brief introduction of your iPhone will show up on the screen. Please keep connected in the whole process.

Hook Up to iPhone Transfer

Step 2. Select and Import a Movie to iPhone

Choose "Media" from the left panel and click "Movies". Existing movies on your iPhone will be displayed on the interface. Now, please click "Add" button and select desired movies. Though you can add multiple movies at a time, it's better to do it one by one.

Select and Import Movies to iPhone

Comparison: iTunes and iPhone Transfer, Which One is Better?

iTunes is the official Apple software, which certainly seems more trustworthy than iPhone Transfer. However, as a competitive third party software, iPhone Transfer is far more powerful than iTunes in terms of the following points.

1. Easy to use. User don't need to move movies to iTunes Library at first. iPhone Transfer takes only two steps to directly add films to iPhone.

2. Auto Converting. The built-in Video Player of iPhone is only available on those in M4V or MOV formats. If the movie you add through iTunes is not in one of these formats, it cannot be played on iPhone. Thankfully, iPhone Transfer is able to automatically convert files to supported format in the process.

3. Easily Manage. Besides data transfer, iPhone Transfer also allows you to delete, edit files at the same time.

4. Support Multiple Input and Output Devices. iPhone Transfer supports to transfer data between iOS devices to iOS devices without a hitch. Also, it's easy to import/export data from/to computer.

Add Movies PC to iPhone

Please choose one of the methods according to your need. Also, you can add other files from PC to iPhone. If you're having any questions, I will be honored to help you out.

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