How Can You Transfer Music from iPhone to Computer

--Monday, Dec.05, 2016

Listening to music is probably the most popular way to enjoy ourselves. Better yet, we don't need to do anything but just listen. Thus, it's said that people spend average 2-4 hours per day listening to music. To be honest, I'm listening to my favorites while typing this article. 

In 2013, iTunes crossed 25 billion songs sold and sells 21 million songs per day according to Billboard. Though there is no recent statistics available, there is no doubt that the number must be more surprising. I'm sure you've stored many songs in your iPhone just as I do and speaking of transferring songs, the first idea comes across most people's mind is undoubtedly the way using iTunes.

ITunes allows user to transfer songs purchased through iTunes from iOS devices to as many as five authorized computers. This only works for songs purchased through iTunes, though. It does not work for songs ripped from CDs or downloaded from other sources which tend to be more common for those with music collections from the ancient days before music streaming.

This restriction was designed to discourage casual piracy, but unfortunately, it also prevents one from easily copying legally acquired content from one's own device to their own computer.

Transfer iPhone Songs to PC

Part 1: Selectively Transfer Songs from iPhone to Computer

Though you can use iTunes to copy and export your songs purchased to computer for sure, there are quite a few limitations, for example, neither can you preview nor selectively transfer songs. What's worse, only songs purchased can be transferred. Therefore, why not give it a try on iPhone Transfer, which allows users to transfer all your songs between iPhone to computer and iPhones.

Step 1. Install and Run iPhone Transfer

Please click on the download button above and install iPhone Transfer on your computer. When done, please launch the software and connect your iPhone to it. After it detects your device, the information of your iPhone will be displayed as the following image shows.

Connect to iPhone Transfer

Step 2. Choose and Copy Songs to Computer

Click "Media" option (Top one) from the left panel, then switch to "Music" from the top items. Now, you're able to preview all your songs with information like Duration, Size, Artist, Album, Genre and Rating. Also, it's able to play or delete the song as well as edit the information of it. Please make your choices and click "Export to" > "Export to PC". Then, select a folder and the selected ones will be transferred to your computer intact.

Copy Music to Computer

Part 2: Migrate a Playlist from iPhone to PC

Apart from transferring songs one after another, iPhone Transfer enables to export songs together in a same playlist. Please check out the steps below.

Step 1. Connect iPhone to iPhone Transfer

Launch iPhone Transfer, and then plug your iPhone into computer via USB cable as to connect to the software.

Connect to iPhone Transfer

Step 2. Export Your Playlist to Computer

Now, select "Playlists" from the left side of the interface, then your existing playlists will be showed on the right. Please select one or multiple playlists and click "Export to". Then, click "Export to PC" in the pull-down menu.

Export Playlists to Computer

After done transferring, you can play and enjoy those songs on your computer, purchased or not-purchased. Moreover, if you'd like to copy music from computer to iPhone, or between iPhones, just give iPhone Transfer a shot.

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