iMessage Extractor:How to Transfer SMS from iPhone to PC

--Tuesday, Dec.27, 2016

"Is there any way to export my iMessages to my computer running Windows 10? Long story short. My iPhone 6s is running out of storage, so any advice will be much appreciated!"

- Asked on Apple Communities

What is iMessages? iMessages is an Apple's built-in instant messaging (IM) service, which allows users to send and receive text, pictures, videos, audio, and location quickly and easily to anyone else using 'iMessage' on iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Apple Watch over Wi-Fi network or cellular data. It will not cost any texting charges from the cell phone carrier.

Also, iMessage embraces a big update in iOS 10. It has been made much more funny with new features like Bubble Effects, Screen Effects, iMessage App Store, Digital Touch and so on. There are already plenty of iOS users falling in love with iMessage and enjoy sending messages to friends. Therefore, your iPhone might possibly overflow with countless messages. If you're running out of storage, it's definitely a good idea to copy and transfer SMS to your computer as to free up memory. Also, it can be regarded as a way to back up your iPhone text messages. If you're getting interested, please scroll down and learn more!

Part 1: How to Transfer iMessages from iPhone to Computer

iPhone Transfer is what we're going to be using at the sections below. It's able to transfer various contents from iPhone to your computer without any limitations, and vice versa. Better yet, iMessages are supported to be exported to PC in three formats, say, HTML, CSV, and TXT. Read on and pick one that you like the best.

Step 1. Launch iPhone Transfer and Connect to it

Above all, you should get iPhone Transfer on your computer. Then, launch the software and connect your iPhone via USB cable to it. Your device will be showed on the screen after being detected. Don't forget to tap "Trust" this computer on your iPhone. Also, please stay connected in the whole process.

Connect to iPhone Transfer

Step 2. Preview and Look Through iMessages on iPhone

On the left toolbar covered in blue, please select "SMS" option. (Also, other types data are supported as Media, Photos, Books and Contacts.) It takes a while to finish scanning and loading your text messages. After that, all the messages including iMessages will be listed on the interface. You can choose one and view the whole conversation on the right part.

Preview and Look Through iMessages

Step 3. Selectively Export iMessages to Target Folder

After going through the desired iMessages, please highlight those you'd like to export to PC. If you want to export all the messages, you can click "Export to" > "Export All Messages". Or, only "Export Selected Messages". Messages are supported to be exported in three formats, of which respectively are CSV, HTML and TXT. Please choose one format and select a specific folder. Then, you can check them out on the target folder where stores an image/attachment folder and a file in CSV/HTML/TXT format.

Export iMessages to Computer

Part 2: Differences Between CSV, HTML and TXT Formats

Considering that you might be unfamiliar with CSV, HTML and TXT formats. Here are the differences among those formats, please take a look and choose the one to which you'd like to export.

TXT: As a file of a popular format, you might know well about text file. It's a text-only (no graphics) version of a document. (Images will be stored in another folder, so no worries.) When you open the exported txt file, you will find it as concise as the following image shows. In light of its simplicity, it takes up less storage and can be opened very soon.

Messages TXT Format

CSV: It's short for "Comma Separated Values", which can be inserted into an individual's spreadsheet. It's able to be opened as an Excel file. The file includes information like Type, Name, Phone Number, Email, Data and Content. Also, if you want to export it to another device or email or other media. I believe CSV format must be your first choice.

Messages CSV Format

HTML: HTML is the abbreviation of HyperText Markup Language that defines the structure and layout of a web document. It will be opened as a web page. As is showed below, you are recommended to export SMS as HTML files for better viewing or printing.

Messages HTML Format

Normally, I'd like to export text messages on my iPhone as a file of HTML format, because it's clear to see the conversations. If you wish to transfer messages from iPhone to iPhone, you can use iTunes or iCloud to do so. If you have any lingering questions, please let me know or drop a comment below.

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