Three Methods to Add Files from PC to iPhone 7/7 Plus

--Wednesday, Jan.11, 2017

Did this ever happen to you once that you'd like to add files to your iPhone but have no idea how to do it? Perhaps you might have considered using iTunes. However, most people would find it nerve-racking to utilize iTunes. It's a common acknowledgment that Apple products seem anti-human when unfamiliar. In order to feature its novelty, Apple products are designed to be as simple and advanced as possible, making them like something from the future world. That's why most people feel unnatural for the first time.

Here I'm going to introduce you three different but effective ways: iTunes, iCloud and iPhone Transfer. Each of them enjoys pros and cons. Below show the easy-to-follow steps of each methods. Please read on and have a try.

Method 1: An Easiest Way to Import Files to iPhone

Here let me introduce iPhone Transfer to you. As a well-known transfer tool, it boasts over 10 thousand users. Users can use it to easily import or export content from/to different devices. In this case, adding files from computer to iPhone without any limitation. Now it also supports iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

Supported Data:

| Photos | Videos | Contacts | Music | Movies | TV Shows | Voice Memos |

| Music Videos| Podcast | iTunes U | Ringtones | Books |Audiobooks |

Steps to Transfer Files via iPhone Transfer

Step 1. Hook up to iPhone Transfer

Of course you should have iPhone Transfer installed on Win/Mac before you proceed. Then, launch this little helper and connect your iPhone to it with included USB cable. You should keep them connected until the transfer completes. The software will detect your iPhone in no time.

Connect iPhone to the Software

Step 2. Pick a Type of Data and Import Files to iPhone

Listed at the left panel are data that iPhone Transfer supports. Please pick a specific type of data at first and wait until it finish loading related content. Users are able to preview and edit most data along the way. After that, you import files with a click of "Add" button. Then, find the files on your computer and open them. The software will automatically convert files into those of supported formats if necessary.

Add Files from PC to Computer

Method 2: Add Content to iPhone via iTunes

iTunes is more reliable on its backup & restore feature, but it can also be used to add and transfer specific files from computer to iPhone. Here's the tutorial. Please check it out.

Supported Data:

| Music |

Note that though Apple claims that iTunes enables to sync types of data to iPhone, it's actually nonsense. Only songs can be easily imported from computer.

Steps to Move Content to iPhone via iTunes

Step 1. Launch the latest version of iTunes on computer.

Step 2. Get your iPhone connected to iTunes with USB cable.

Step 3. Choose "Songs" option on the left under "Library" title.

Step 4. Drag and put desired songs into iTunes.

Step 5. Right click a specific song and click "Add to Device".

Step 6. Check for the transferred songs in "Music" app on iPhone.

Note that you would be unable to manually manage music when iCloud Music Library is on.

Add Content to iPhone via iTunes

Method 3: Transfer Data to iPhone Through iCloud

Most iOS users might not know about this trick. Actually, it's possible to add files via iCloud web page in spite of limited data supported. Better yet, it's quite simple to get it done.

Supported Data:

| Photos | Contacts | iCloud Drive | (Able to import from computer)

|Calendar | Reminders | Notes | (Able to directly create on web)

Steps to Add Files via iCloud

Step 1. Open www.icloud.com on your browser on computer.

Step 2. Log in iCloud with your Apple ID.

Step 3. Click the icon of desired type of data.

Step 4. Click "Upload" button.

Step 5. Choose desired files from the window and open them.

Note that for adding contacts, you should choose "Settings" > "Import vCard" instead.

Transfer Data to iPhone Through iCloud

Different methods have their good and bad parts. I might suggest you to try each method according to what files are intended to be transferred. You can take an intensive reading and learn about these three useful methods. Except for that, there are also methods to transfer everything from iPhone to iPhone. Please come on and learn it on iFoneTips.

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