Useful Tips to Transfer Files from iPhone to iPad

--Friday, Dec.23, 2016

It seems common that people who own an iPhone always have an iPad as well. iPhone is for keeping in touch with others while iPad for having an enjoyable experience on Video, Movies, Games and so on. Don't you think it feels far better to watch Modern Family or play Minecraft on iPad that has a bigger screen? Even if you're using an iPhone 7 Plus, it might not be satisfying enough.

So, if you have got an iPhone and an iPad, you might need to move or share some files between two devices at some time. However, Apple doesn't offer a fast and convenient way for users to do transfer between different iOS devices. Though you can use some services like Photo Stream, AirDrop or others. However, those methods are not quite desirable. Photo Stream is limited to only "Photos" while AirDrop doesn't support selective transfer for most types of data.

Therefore, may I have your 5 minutes to introduce this perfect method for you? Before we get it started, let me introduce you iPhone Transfer, which we're going to use in the following sections.

iPhone Transfer is one of our best software, which adheres to proving users with an easy, secure and overall way to transfer up-to-14 types of data between different devices. It supports to export/import data to/from computer, or transfer files from iOS devices to iOS devices, including the latest iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. It only takes a few steps to finish transfer. You can download it and try the free trial version to see whether it lives up to your expectancy.

Step 1. Connect iPhone and iPad to Computer

Above all, please download and install iPhone Transfer for the first time use. Launch the software and then get both iPhone and iPad connected to the computer via USB cables. It would take a few seconds to detect and recognize your devices. Don't forget to tap and choose "Trust This Computer". If detected, iPhone and iPad will be displayed on the blue sidebar.

Note that keep your iDevices fully connected during the whole process.

Download and Connect to iPhone Ttansfer

Step 2. Preview and Selectively Transfer Data to iPad

On the panel, you can check out types of data such as "Media", "Playlists", "Photos", "Books", and “Contacts". Moreover, "Media" option includes more items like "Music", "Movies", "TV Show", "Ringtone" and so on.

Note that you are able to edit, deleted, or play/preview most data.

Please click and select one option to preview more details. It would take a while to load your content. Now, please select desired ones that you'd like to export to iPad and go to "Export to" > "iPad". Then, a status bar will show up. When the process completes, tap "Okay". Now, you can check out the transferred data on your iPad.

Note that if you'd like to select all the files at once, please right click and choose "Check All".

Export Data from iPhone to iPad

Extra Trick: One Click to Copy Files to iPad

Better yet, if you wish to transfer data from iPhone to iPad via one click, no worry. iPhone Transfer also supports one-click transfer. You might have noticed that there is a bunch of features listed under the information of your device, such as "To iTunes", "To Folder", "To iDevice", "Backup Contacts", and "Restore Contacts".

In this case, please choose "To iDevice". However, it's unable to preview each type of data in detail. You would only seems how many files you have and what the total size they are. Now, confirm the target device and click "Start" to begin transferring.

One Click to Transfer Data to iPad

Purchased or non-purchased, iPhone Transfer is able to complete the transfer. Also, it supports to move files to iTunes or transfer data to a specific folder on computer. If you are hesitated to iPhone Transfer, you can make up your mind by experiencing the free trial.

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