How to Restore Contacts from iPhone

--Friday, Dec.23, 2016

Basically, the connection between one person and another is established at the moment people meet and say hello to each other. Furthermore, as long as we get his/her contact, friendship comes into being. Nowadays, with the advent of mobile phone, we can keep in touch with families and friends as easily as taking out cellphone from pocket and tap on a specific contact.

Build up Connection

However, it happens all the time that people delete their contacts either on purpose or by chance. Some people just carelessly removed the wrong contacts when managing the contacts. Others were doing it deliberately but got regretful. So, are there any ways to getting back contacts from iPhone?

If you have backups on iTunes or iCloud for your iPhone, that's not sweat at all! You can easily restore contacts from iTunes or iCloud.


Connect your iPhone to iTunes and go to "File" > "Devices" > "Restore from backup". (Drawback: All Data Lost)


Method 1: Navigate to "Settings" > "General" > "Reset" > "Erase All Content and Settings". After the rest, select "Restore from iCloud Backup". (Drawback: All Data Lost)

Method 2: Log in iCloud.com and manually select contacts to download. (Drawback: Cannot restore to device. However, iPhone Transfer is able to import your contacts back to iOS device.)

Establish Relation between People

Both methods will wipe out all your data if you'd like to restore contacts on iPhone. It seems really unworthy to lose all the data for juts a list of contacts. Therefore, iPhone Data Recovery will be a good helper for you, which is capable of extracting types of data from iTunes and iCloud backups and selectively restoring specific files. Even if you have no backups, this nice software is able to scan your deleted data on your phone and allows you to retrieve them either to device or to computer.

If you have no backup for lost contacts and still manage to get them back, stop using your iPhone to create new contacts or doing things that would take up storage. You still have chance toget deleted data back via iPhone Data Recovery as long as they are not overwritten by new data.

Method 1: Directly Retrieve Contacts from iPhone

Step 1. Download and Install iPhone Data Recovery

Never tried iPhone Data Recovery? Try the free trial. After you download and install iPhone Data Recovery, launch the app and get your iPhone connected with the program. Now, you should choose "Contacts" from supported items and tap on "Start Scan" button. Then it will take a while to analyze and scan the device.

Choose Contacts to Scan from Device

Step 2. Restore Contacts from iPhone

After done scanning, both existing and lost contacts will be scanned out and displayed on the interface, and you can preview them in detail. Note that deleted contacts will be marked in red. Now, you are allowed to highlight those contacts you'd like to restore to device or to computer. Next, choose "Restore to device" or "Recover to Computer" to get your contacts back.

There are two options when choosing "Restore to device", which are "Restore to Device" and "Restore to App". The former one can restore contacts back on "Contacts" app on your device while the later one needs to create an app to store these restored contacts.

Restore Contacts from Device

Method 2: Extract Contacts from iTunes Backups

Step 1. Scan iTunes Backup Files

Open iPhone Data Recovery and select the second function - "Recover from iTunes Backup File" on the sidebar. The program will automatically scan out your previous iTunes backup files on computer. Then, iTunes backups will be listed on the interface, which contains information concerning model, date, size and serial number. Choose one and click on "Start Scan". It takes no time to finish scanning.

Scan iTunes Backup Files

If it fails to show the backup files, manually go to Disk C\Users\(username)\AppData\Roaming \Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup\...Nevertheless, if you've changed the default path for iTunes backups, locate and select the backup manually.

Manually Choose Folder to Scan

Step 2. Select and Recover Contacts from iTunes

You can choose "Contacts" from supported items. All the contacts, existing or deleted, will be displayed in detail. You can scroll to check out those you want to restore, and tap "Restore to device" or "Recover to Computer". Then, they remain intact on your device/computer.

Restore Contacts from iTunes

Method 3: Restore Contacts from iCloud Backup File

Step 1. Sign in iCloud and Download Backup Files

Run the software and choose "Recover from iCloud Backup File". You need to sign in iCloud for further operations. Type in your account and password and tap "" icon to finish login.Note that if backups were done on an iPhone running iOS 9, you need to download iCloud Panel for the first time use on Widowns.

Recover Contacts from iCloud

After you log in the iCloud, the iCloud backup files will be showed on the program. Click "Download" button and a pop-up will show up asking you to choose types of data to download. You can solely select "Contacts" and tap "Next". Then, the downloading process will begin. It takes time according to the size of your data.

Note that it could take much longer if you select all data to download.

Download Contacts from iCloud

Step 2. Preview and Restore Contacts

You are able to preview contacts that once synced with iCloud. All the detailed information will remain safe and sound after downloading. Just choose those you want to recover and tap "Restore to device" or "Recover to Computer" to retrieve contacts back. If you want to import contacts to another device, iPhone Data Recovery can export contacts to computer in CSV, VCF and HTML formats, of which CSV file is transferable.

Recover Contacts from iCloud

Tips&Tricks: How to Print out Contacts as a Copy?

iPhone Data Recovery not only supports to restore contacts to device and computer, but to print out contact list and save as a copy. That could be easily done while you are previewing contacts. Have you ever notice a small icon on the upper right of the interface. If your computer is connecting with a printer, this icon will be enabled. Select the contacts you want to print and tap on the icon. What's more, you can also recover contacts to computer at first, and then open the VCF file of saved contacts and print it out.

Print Out Contacts

Since Method 2 and Method 3 is able to access iTunes/iCloud backups independently, an iOS device is not actually indispensable, so to some extent it especially works for those broken and damaged phones. Breaking a precious phone is undoubtedly a great loss but losing data along could end up to be a disaster. Therefore, a regular backup for iPhone data is a must with no disputes. Just keep what's important safe with you.

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