How to Get Files Back on Broken iPhone 7/6s/SE

--Monday, Oct.10, 2016

According to a survey showed on PCMag, men are 57% more likely to drop their handsets in the toilet while most damage incidents in the bathroom overall happen to women by 41%. Also, the driveway or garage ranks the top one for the most common location where people break their smartphone and the bathroom rank No.2 followed by the kitchen, bedroom and living room. 

Breaking a smart phone is the culprit for the reason why people would change their handsets without dispute. Sometimes, it seems much like a matter of inevitability. It just happens when the holder lose his/her grape and drop the phone from hands hard down to the floor, water or somewhere else. Undoubtedly, it could be a total disaster for most people while others may consider it as a chance to upgrade their iPhone. However, things end up to be worse when data loss happens. You for sure don't want to lose those photos of precious memory, voice of sweet words and notes of important things, right? So, you definitely don't want to miss this post. Read on and check out how to get files back on a broken iPhone with simple steps.

Feasibility: Is it Likely to Retrieve Contents from a Broken iPhone?

A physically broken iPhone could be unresponsive in a way. Most of the time, the screen cracks so that you know you're tapping on things but unable to know what apps are being launched or performed. The iPhone is, technically speaking, only physically broken, but the system is still working. However, most people may find it unworthy of repairing the screen in that it cost a lot and unworthy compared to purchase a new one especially for a long-used iPhone.

As a damage incident always comes out of expect, data loss can take place after that, which makes the situation even worse. But, as we've said above, the operating system is still 'on duty'. So, it's still possible to get the existing files back as long as the iPhone is not yet completely dead. Check out the three methods below to get your contents back!

Retrieve Data from A Broken iPhone

Method 1: How to Recover Data Right from a Broken iPhone?

iPhone doesn't offer a direct way for users to recover data on iPhone, except for Photos and Notes. However, with the cracked screen, how are you supposed to recover it? No worry, here comes iPhone Data Recovery. It's well-designed to perform three ways of data recovery. One of the ways is to directly scan and recover data on computer.

Step 1. Connect iPhone and Scan Files

Please download and install iPhone Data Recovery on your computer. You can try the free version before the purchase. Then, open the program and connect your broken iPhone to it. The default function is to "Recover from iOS Device".

Connect Device to Program

Now, you should choose types of data you'd like to recover and tap "Start Scan" to continue. Then, the software will perform an advanced scanning so as to scan out selected contents on your iPhone.

Scan iTunes Backup

Step 2. Preview and Restore Files from Broken iPhone

When the scanning completes, selected types of data will be showed on the computer. You are now able to preview them in detail and export to computer via "Recover to Computer".

Restore Data from iOS Device

Method 2: How to Extract Files from iTunes Backup Files?

If there are iTunes backup files available, you can restore it to your new iPhone (if you have already bought one). However, if you have not yet bought one or became a fan of Android phone, you may need to exact data from iTunes backup files. With the help of iPhone Data Recovery, it's just a piece of cake.

Step 1. Scan for iTunes Backup File

Launch iPhone Data Recovery on your PC/Mac. Next, choose "Recover from iTunes Backup File" from the left panel, and wait for the software to scan out existing iTunes backup files on the computer. Then, please select one file to "Start Scan".

Note that if you've changer the route, please select the related backups by yourself.

Scan an iTunes Backup

Step 2. Recover Data to Computer

It takes seconds to finish scanning, and then you are able to preview files included in the iTunes backup. Now, you should choose files and "Recover to Computer". After deciding on the route, the selected contents will be saved to computer safe and sound.

Restore Contents from iTunes

Method 3: How to Restore Contents from iCloud Backup Files?

Similar to the way restoring files from iTunes backup files, users can easily restore iCloud backup on the newly purchased iPhone. Or, you can use iPhone Data Recovery to export files on iCloud backups to the computer.

Step 1. Access iCloud Backup File

Run iPhone Data Recovery and select "Recover from iCloud Backup File". You now need to log in your iCloud account as to extract and download files from iCloud. Please enter your Apple ID and password to log in.

Note that your personal info will not be recorded via the software. Please be reassured.

Log in iCloud

Then, backup files available on iCloud will be displayed on the program. Please choose a related iCloud backup and tap on "Download" button. There will be a prompt asking you to choose types of data to download form iCloud. Please make your choice and tap on "Next" button.

Note that for iOS 9 users, iCloud Panel should be installed on computer at first.

Choose Data to Download

Step 2 Select and Export Files to Computer

You can view downloaded files on the program. Now, please choose and export them to computer via hit the "Recover to Computer" button.

Restore Contents from iCloud

Tips & Tricks: Tips to Prevent iPhone from Breaking

1. Arm your iPhone with Screen Protector and Case.

2. Put the iPhone into pocket (not the back pocket) when you're doing something else or distracted.

3. Keep anything you want in your back pocket, except your phone.

4. Avoid bringing/using your iPhone in the bathroom or toilet.

5. Everyone knows children have to break at least six valuable objects before they can earn their baby teeth, so keep your phone from being one of them by not putting it in the hands of children.

6. If you're angry and feel like throwing something, just remember that you're not mad at your phone.

7. Never bring your iPhone to or near a swimming pool if you're going to the beach, hold it tight!

Prevention from Breaking iPhone

I still got a thousand tips to remind you of not breaking your iPhone, however, all comes to one sentence - Never ever break your iPhone! For reducing the damage to the least, you should make a backup for your iPhone more often. If you're just as lazy as I am, enable the auto backup feature of iCloud!

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