How to Recover Deleted iMessages from iPhone

--Thursday, Oct.20, 2016

iMessages is exclusive to Apple products, like iPhone/iPad/iPod and Mac. As long as you enable iMessages on your device, you can send iMessages to another or multiple apple users for free. As opposed to text messages in normal way, iMessage allows users to send text/voice messages, emoji, photos and videos from one to another/others over Wi-Fi or cellular data, which means that it's totally free of charge to some extent. iMessage keeps us together with each other. Better than using social apps, it saves us troubles like launching and logging in accounts. 

Thus, you must have sent and received quite a few iMessages in a day. With time goes by, iPhone will be drowned in the ocean of iMessages. However, with such a long long list of messages, we might accidentally delete some that don't meant to be removed from iDevice. Moreover, if you set up for automatically removing messages over 30 days or a year but forget to close the feature, iPhone will automatically clear messages for you. Therefore, you may find those long- received messages gone in your "Messages" app.

That's terrible, right? I've noticed that such a situation has been reported a thousand times by worldwide iOS users on Apple Communities. If you come across the same problem, just keep your shirts on. There are actually tree ways available to deleted iMessages from iPhone with ease. Now, I will elaborate the steps for you on the following sections, please check it out.

Method 1: How to Undelete Lost iMessages right on iPhone?

There is no a "Recently Deleted" rubbish bin for iMessages on iOS device, so you may not be able to recover deleted iMessages within 30 days just as is true of "Photos" and "Notes" apps. However, with the help of a well-designed software known as iPhone Data Recovery, it's still possible to retrieve iMessages right from iOS device.

Step 1. Connect iPhone and Scan iMessages

Please download and install iPhone Data Recovery on your computer. You can try the free version before the purchase. Then, open the program and connect your device to it. The default function is to "Recover from iOS Device".

Connect iPhone and Scan iMessages

Now, you need to select "Messages & Attachments" and tap "Start Scan". Then, the program will perform an advanced scanning so as to scan out lost iMessages on your iPhone. Please wait for a while.

Scan iMessages

Step 2. Preview and Restore iMessages

After the scanning, those deleted iMessages will be scanned out and listed on the screen. You are able to preview them in detail. Otherwise, you can check out those sent/received pictures, videos, sketches and so on in "Message Attachments" option. You can restore iMessage back to iPhone via "Restore to device" or export to computer via "Recover to Computer".

Note that deleted iMessages will be marked in red.

Restore iMessages from iOS Device

Method 2: How to Retrieve Deleted iMessages from iTunes?

You can retrieve data from iTunes backup with ease, like photos, contacts, messages, videos, notes and so on. As long as there is an iTunes backup file available, you can restore it to your iPhone with steps like: Launch iTunes on Mac/Pc, connect iPhone to iTunes, and then go to "File" > "Devices" > "Restore from backup". After choosing a related backup file, iTunes will perform the recovery. However, as you may know, it results in data loss of currently existing files. Do you want to keep both iMessage from iTunes backup files and existing contents at the same time? Try iPhone Data Recovery.

Step 1. Scan for iTunes Backup File

Run iPhone Data Recovery on your PC/Mac. Select "Recover from iTunes Backup File" from the left panel, and wait for the software to scan out existing iTunes backup files on the computer. If you've changer the route, please select the related backups by yourself. Then, please select the according file to "Start Scan".

Note that you don't need to connect your device to computer unless you want to restore iMessages to your iPhone.

Scan for iTunes Backup File

Step 2. Check out and Undelete iMessages

The scanning process will be done in a while, and then you can preview those iMessages included in the iTunes backup. Now, you need to choose which ones to "Recover to Computer". After deciding on the route, your iMessages will be saved to computer intact.

Restore iMessages from iTunes

Method 3: How to Extract Missing iMessages from iCloud?

iCloud always comes in handy when it comes to data loss, for most users would enable iCloud service for automatically backing up contents on device. You could restore iCloud backup to your iPhone after you reset the iDevice, but same as the way to restore data via iTunes, loss of existing data is inevitable. If you just want to extract some of iCloud backup files, check out the following method.

Step 1. Access iCloud Backup File

Perform iPhone Data Recovery on computer and choose "Recover from iCloud Backup File" on the left. You now need to log in your iCloud account as to extract and download files from iCloud.

Note that your personal info will not be recorded via the software.

Log in iCloud

Once you enter your iCloud, choose a related iCloud backup and tap "Download". Later, you will be asked to choose types of data to download form iCloud. Please select "Messages & Attachments" and tap on "Next" button.

Choose an iCloud Backup

Step 2 Select and Retrieve iMessages

After it finishes downloading iMessages from iCloud, you can view the detail of iMessages on the program. Now, please choose one or multiple iMessages to export to computer via hit the "Recover to Computer" button.

Note that the software supports to restore your iMessages right back to your iPhone.

Restore iMessages from iCloud

Tips & Tricks: Tips to Avoid Deleted iMessages from iPhone

1. Keep an Eyes on Children

Sometimes, data loss of messages is caused by playful children, which happens a lot especially when someone lets a child use his/her iPhone to play games. Children are unfamiliar with mobile phones. Also, the way they play mobile games is just tapping here and there. So, you need to keep an eyes on children if you let him/her play your iPhone.

2. Set up Passcode/PIN/Touch ID for iPhone

To set up passcode/PIN/Touch ID for your iPhone can protect your data from mistaken operation by others. Also, it can effectively protect your privacy. I bet you don't like others swipe your phone around and check for messages, photos on your iPhone.

3. Keep out of Files/Apps from Unknown Sources

Files or apps from untrusted websites might damage your iPhone by malicious virus or programs. Most of the time, your personal information will be stolen or cleared. Though iPhone is protected by trustworthy security programs, you'd better not open files or download apps from unreliable sources.

4. Back up Messages Regularly

Having a backup is of vital importance all the time. You can use iTunes or iCloud to do a free backup. Though it may take a long time, it's totally worthy. If you're too busy to do a backup via iTunes or iCloud manually, it's recommended to enable iCloud service on your iPhone so as to automatically back up data in your spared time.

Keep iMessages Safe

Note: New Features of iMessages You Cannot Miss on iOS

iMessage is Apple's built-in instant messaging service. Also, Apple is also bringing significant updates to iMessage in iOS 10. Now, let's check out.

1. Funny Bubble Effects. There are four bubble effects currently available: Slam, Loud, Gentle and Invisible Ink. After you type in a letter, a world or a sentence, press and hold the blue up arrow, then you can choose to apply an effect to text.

2. Awesome Screen Effects. Alongside with the text, you are allowed to make the conversation more vivid and animated by sending screen effects. There are five screen effects available: Balloons, Confetti, Lasers, Fireworks and Shooting star. You can do it by pressing down the blue up arrow and choosing "Screen". Select effects by swiping left or right on screen.

3. iMessage App Store. You are now able to share interesting apps with friends right via a message. Better yet, a bunch of funny stickers are coming. Some of them are free of charge. In some ways, iMessages is becoming much more of an app than a function.

4. Shortcuts to Access Camera. You are now can shoot or send picture or videos to friends in a fast way. The "Camera" button is now moved next to the messaging bar. You are also allowed to draw your shooting videos or photos.

5. Digital Touch. You can quickly sketch something, send a kiss or draw a fireball, beating heart or even broken heart to someone with a simple touch on screen, which is like casting a spell.

iMessages New Features on iOS 10

Keep your sweet words or important iMessages safe with yourself. What's important to you is of my great concern. Don't forget to back up your iMessages after the recovery! Try not to lose them again.

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