What Can We Do in Printing iPhone Text Messages

--Tuesday, Dec.27, 2016

"I got married with my wife months ago. We've been seeing each other for 4 years and finally we have our own family. I am more than happy even until now. Next week it's her birthday and I want to prepare a surprise for her. I have an idea that make a delicate album with photos and sweet words we once sent to one another. I've been keeping those messages, but I don't know how to print them out from my iPhone 6s. Thanks for your reading and help."

It's really a romantic idea for a birthday gift, right? However, in terms of printing out text messages on iPhone, it's a bit different from transferring SMS to another iPhone. In order to do so, one has to exact messages from iPhone to computer at first. Why not take a look at the full guide listed below?

iPhone Transfer is a great tool to extract and export data from iPhone to other devices. It's able to transfer iPhone messages to Win/Mac in three formats: CSV, TXT and HTML. Personally, files in CSV and HTML formats would be more preferable for printing.

Step 1. Connect iPhone with iPhone Transfer

Above all, you should install iPhone Transfer on your computer. There is a free trial version available. After that, please launch the program and connect your iPhone to it with USB cable. When detected, your iPhone will be displayed on the interface with information like Model, Capacity, Version and so on.

Connect iPhone to iPhone Transfer

Step 2. Transfer Messages to Computer

Now, please click "SMS" option in the left panel. It takes seconds to load and show your existing messages. You can preview them in advance. Full conversations will be listed on the right. iPhone Transfer allows users to export selected or all the messages. Please click "Export to" > "Export Selected Messages" or "Export All Messages", and choose from "CSV File" > "HTML File" > "TXT File" to save to computer.

Export Selected Messages to Computer

Step 3. Print Exported Messages

Actually, it's recommended to export your messages as CSV/HTML files. CSV file is able to be opened in with Office Word while HTML file keeps the original and complete way. You can check out the pictures below. Please choose the way you prefer and print your sweet words out.

CSV File:
CSV File

HTML File:

That's all it takes. Quite simple, right? Bette yet, you can easily export your photos to computer and print them out as well. It's always a great idea to send your best memories to your loved one as an unforgettable present.

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