iPhone Videos to Computer, How to Migrate?

--Friday, Dec.02, 2016

If an image freezes a moment, a video is then said to capture a period of time. With the popularity of mobile phones, we are getting used to recording precious moments in our life, like views during a trip, birthday parties, a wedding ceremony, anniversaries and so on. Nowadays, moment is being extended and long live the memory.

However, speaking of videos, this article is referring to not only those videos taken or saved with your iPhone, but also Movies, TV Shows, Music Videos and iTunes U. There are three different ways to do so. Perhaps you might not need this guide right now, but these methods would possibly come in handy someday.

Method 1: Copy iPhone Videos to Computer with Windows Photo Gallery

Note that this method is only available on videos taken with iPhone or saved from sources to album. For other types of videos, please skip this section and read on.

This method resorts to Window Photo Gallery to finish exporting videos from iPhone to PC with ease. However, most people tend to ignore this method due to iTunes. If you'd like, it's able to transfer iPhone photos to PC in the same way.

Step 1. Turn on your computer and plug iPhone into it.

Step 2. Unlock iPhone screen and tap "Trust" when prompted to "Trust This Computer".

Step 3. Choose "Import pictures and videos" from the Auto Play dialog box.

Step 4. Click "Import" to proceed. Then, it will start transferring your videos along with images to the default folder. It's unable to change the default route.

Note that if you wish to export only videos or specific ones, you might choose "Open device to view files" instead. Then, preview through folders one by one and also copy them to computer one after another.

Window Photo Gallery

Though this method is simple and easy to use. It doesn't support to selectively transfer videos as well as it is unable to transfer other videos like Movies, TV Shows, Music Videos and iTunes U.

Method 2: Export Videos from iPhone to PC through iTunes

As an official software designed to manage data on iPhone, iTunes is able to transfer Movies, TV Shows, Music Videos and iTunes U purchased and downloaded from App Store. However, this way will not be able to migrate videos taken or saved with iPhone.

Step 1. Connect your iPhone to the latest version of iTunes.

Step 2. If your computer is not yet authorized. Please go to "Account" > "Authorization" > "Authorize This Computer". Then, enter your Apple ID and password and click "Authorize".

Note that one iOS device can authorize maximum 5 computers.

Step 3. Click "File" > "Devices" > "Transfer Purchases". Then, the status bar on top of the interface will show you the process until it's done.

Transfer Videos iPhone via iTunes

It might be the most popular method to transfer videos from iPhone to computer via iTunes. However, the disadvantages are listed as follow.

1. Videos taken by iPhone or saved to iPhone will not be exported due to the inability of iTunes to transfer photos and videos.

2. Only videos purchased from App store is allowed to be transferred through iTunes. That being said, others downloaded from other sources will be excluded.

3. Saved files cannot be directly previewed on the computer without iTunes running and iPhone connected.

Method 3: Transfer Videos from iPhone to Computer via iPhone Transfer

iPhone Transfer has no such drawbacks as the above methods do. It's able to transfer all your videos whatever types they are between iOS devices to computer/iOS devices. Please check out the steps below.

Step 1. Connect iPhone to iPhone Transfer

Please download and install iPhone Transfer on your computer for the first time. Then, connect your iPhone via a USB cable with the software. When connected, the brief information of your device will be displayed on the interface. Please keep your iPhone well-connected during the whole process of transferring.

Connect iPhone to iPhone Transfer

Step 2. Preview and Transfer Videos

If you'd like to export videos such as Movies, TV Shows, Music Videos and iTunes U. Please select "Media" and then preview them one after another by switching options on the top column. Then, click and check the desired ones and click "Export to”> "Export to PC".

Export Music Video Movies iTunes U to Computer

Moreover, for those videos taken or saved with iPhone, you can select "Photos" > "Videos" (or other albums). It's able to preview the videos before transferring. After that, please select those you'd like to copy to computer and head to "Export to" > "Export to PC" and they will be migrated to computer safe and sound.

Transfer Videos to Computer

In my opinion, compared to Method 1 and Method 2, iPhone Transfer is definitely a better choice. It can transfer whole kinds of videos on iPhone with a variety of output devices supported. You can download the free trial version and give it a shot. If you're facing any lingering questions, please feel free to contact me.

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