One-Click to Back Up Your Important Contacts on iPhone

--Friday, Jan.13, 2017

"Hi, Selena. I'm one of your readers and I'm in trouble recently. In fact, I updated my iPhone 7 to iOS 10.2. The process went smooth and everything's going well. However, I found nearly half of my contacts are gone afterwards. I have no idea why it happened. Please help me. Thank you."

This email lays in my inbox someday. To be honest, I receive such emails asking the similar questions every day. Thankfully, I wrote and published the solutions on iFoneTips: How to Recover Lost/Deleted Contacts on iPhone? However, here I'm not talking about the solution but the way of prevention. People won't be aware of the importance of a backup for iPhone data until they lost some contents on their iPhones. Since iPhone cannot store contacts in SIM card as opposed to Android phones, it seems more vital for users to back them up regularly. Today, I'm going to show you how to back up your significant contacts in one click. Please read on and check it out.

Method 1: Use iTunes to Back up Contacts on iPhone

Speaking of making a backup, I beg using iTunes must be the first idea coming across your mind. Indeed, iTunes, served as the official Apple software, is able to backup and retrieve data on iPhone/iPad/iPod. However, you might already know that iTunes cannot allow you to selectively backup or restore any data.

Step 1. Connect to iTunes

Launch iTunes on your computer. Please make sure that it's been up to date. Then, connect your iPhone to iTunes with the included USB cable. It might take a while to detect your iPhone.

Note that please keep your iPhone connected during the whole process.

Step 2. Back up iPhone Contacts

After your iOS device being detected, there will be a "device icon" on the interface, please click it and switch to "Summary" page. Down the interface, you can find a title named "Backups". Please choose "This computer" ("iCloud" for the iCloud backup), and hit the "Back Up Now" button to begin. You can also encrypt your iTunes backup with an unforgettable password.

Note that you can restore the backup via "Restore Backup" next to backup button.

Once Click Backup Contacts iTunes

Method 2: One Click to Make a Full Back up for iPhone Contacts

Though iTunes is a good choice for everyone, it would overwrite the current data when it comes to the restoration. Here please check out iPhone Transfer. It allows you to selectively transfer Contacts to computer or another iOS device without a hitch. Better yet, one-click backup is also supported.

Step 1. Get iPhone Connected to iPhone Transfer

If there is your first time using iPhone Transfer, please click the button above and enjoy the free trial. After done downloading and installing iPhone Transfer, please launch it and connect your iPhone to it. When your device is detected, it will be showed on the interface with some information.

Connect to iPhone Transfer

Step 2. Once Click to Back Contacts Up

As you can already see on the main interface, there is a "Backup Contacts" shortcut. Also, you can find this option on toolkit screen. Please click the button, and then the software will automatically scan and back up all your contacts to computer in no time. When it done, you can check it out on computer.

Note that you can restore those contacts with a click of "Restore Contacts".

One Click to Backup Contacts on iPhone

Now, we're done with backing up contacts, please don't forget to back up your contact list from time to time. If you lost some contacts, you can restore them from the backup with ease. With no luck, you didn't back contacts up yet, you can restore your contacts with the help of iPhone Data Recovery.

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